Welcome to columbuslsat.com, a website dedicated to helping prospective law students maximize their scores on the LSAT.

My name is Danny Pearlberg and I offer one-on-one tutoring, both in-person (here in Ann Arbor now) and online via Skype/Facetime. I am also starting to offer a new form of tutoring, where I grade and comment on LSAT explanations that students themselves write. For more information about rates, as well as about my new form of tutoring, simply scroll down 🙂

First, though, here’s a quick list of some of my most relevant qualifications:

  • 99th percentile LSAT score
  • J.D. (University of Michigan)
  • Ph.D. in philosophy (Ohio State University)
  • 2+ years full time LSAT tutoring
  • 5 years teaching undergraduate critical thinking courses

Now for more information about rates and tutoring options:


Standard Tutoring:

After the initial free consultation, I charge $60 per hour. I also offer a need-based scholarship to anyone who receives a fee waiver from LSAC, with the goal of increasing the inclusiveness of law schools and the legal profession as a whole.

Tutoring on Steroids:

I believe that an integral part of the LSAT studying process involves writing out your own explanations for LSAT questions- the idea being that if you really understand something, then you should be able to explain it to someone else (and in lieu of explaining it to another person, you pretend that you’re explaining the question to someone else by writing out your own explanation). My hypothesis is that many students don’t improve as much as they could, because they think they understand certain material on the LSAT better than they in fact do. This could be because (a) they don’t write out their own explanations to questions, nor do they try to verbally explain questions to another person; or (b) they don’t realize that the explanations that they give (either in-person or verbally) aren’t very good; or (c) they do realize that their explanations are lacking, but they don’t know how to fix their own explanations.

That’s where I come in. After an initial free consultation I will grade and comment upon 10 explanations of yours for $100. Again, I offer significant discounts to anyone who receives a fee waiver from LSAC.

Students typically pay via Venmo, Squarecash, and Paypal.



“Danny is a fantastic tutor! With his help, I was able to raise my score 6 points on the LSAT. At our tutoring sessions we identified which portion of the LSAT I needed to focus on, and a strategy that would allow me to score my highest. We also developed a study strategy that was both manageable and beneficial. I really appreciate Dan’s tutoring style as well. He is kind, demonstrates patience, is reliable and he is incredibly knowledgeable. The tutoring Dan provided helped me obtain the best score possible, allowing me to reach for better, more prestigious Law Schools. Thanks Danny!” – Katie

“Danny tutored me in logic games for five weeks, during which time my scores improved significantly.  He is smart, a true slayer of the most formidable logic games. He is also a joy to work with and spectacularly generous with his time. He was as much a coach for me as he was a tutor. Not only did he help me improve my score, he helped keep me motivated and optimistic throughout the process. I always looked forward to our weekly tutoring sessions.” – Maya

“A friend of mine stumbled upon Danny’s flyer and forwarded the information to me. That moment was one of the best ‘by chance’ encounters I have had. Not only is Danny extremely knowledgeable of the LSAT, he understands the hurdles that you, the test taker, will experience throughout your training and on test day. After demonstrating financial need, Danny worked with me on pricing options and I was never treated any differently due to my inability to pay his full rate. He quickly responded to every question I had about content, strategy, and even my (silly in retrospect) concerns about there only being one break. I am confident that my improvement was due, in large part, to the expertise and accountability provided by Danny. Thank you!” – Chasity

“I was really pleased with my tutoring sessions with Danny! Not only did he help me work out a plan for studying for the LSAT but the one-on-one sessions allowed me to spend extra time on the topics I found difficult. These sessions helped me learn the train of thought that these questions require. He was always flexible and willing to do whatever he could to help me understand!” – Shannon


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